Choreographers whose work has been featured at CONGRESS

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“[The body] in itself is factual, and I’d argue spiritual. What we do with it can make it a tool or a weapon; It becomes political when it invades another.”


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“Bodies make up politics.”

- JA

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“By nature, the body as an organism is constantly responding to our ever changing world. It has a responsibility to be political.”


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“Everything about our bodies is political from what we choose to consume, how we choose to express ourselves, and what we do with our bodies. As dancers I think we have the distinct opportunity and calling to use our bodies to make political statements through our art.”


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"We live in an age where everything has become hyper political. From our physical appearance, to our voices and choices. Our bodies have unfortunately fallen victim, as well. These politics are all learned, however. If we were to remove all of the social and political toxicity, we have a magical creation. A newborn child has no knowledge of these politics; their body is merely a playground of experience and exploration. No opinion, just opportunity. If we can even attempt to approach our bodies from such a mindset, we may find that our bodies are more SOURCE than SUBJECT. "


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“Is the body political? No.”


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“Artists are the politicians. We make the rules, create the circumstances and profit.”


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“Yes, there is no escaping body politics, especially while dealing with the human form and performance.”


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“A dancer becomes an artist once they take initiative of expressing themselves from the most authentic place inside of them- fearlessly, with passion.”

- grant gilmore


“We are all artists.”

- julia eichten


“A dancer becomes an artist when art becomes more important than “perfectly executed” movement.”

- keean johnson


“A dancer becomes an artist when they start getting paid for their talent.”

- myles yachts


“A dancer becomes an artist when they muster up the fearlessness to use their own vocabulary to express their point of view without fear of judgement or assimilation.”

- dominique kelley


“A dancer becomes an artist when they utilize their creativity to inspire others, spark conversation, even about the most mundane topics.”

- the tl collective


“A dancer becomes as artist the moment he /she decides to live in their true gifts without the concern of being validated from others. A dancer can open your heart but an artist can feed your soul.”

- rhapsody james


“A dancer becomes an artist when careful attention and complete abandonment intersect.”

- jamie donovan


“Live performances are the rawest for of viewing someone’s creation, with a bigger risk of mistakes. It shows the true potential and flaws of the artist.”

- Samo Soto


“Live performance is important to see because it puts us in to real human time - present to present moment- ever who is sharing the space in the performance is absorbing art with their eyes, breath, and touch.”

- Lisa Eaton


“Live performance is important to see because interaction in the flesh will always have the most substantial impact on the human experience.”

- Kenzie McClure


“Live performance is important to see because it is transformative, experiential, ephemeral, and sensory.”

- Loni Landon


“Live performance is important to see because it brings us all together.”

- Danielle Agami


“Live performance is important to see because it’s awesome to be reminded of the nuances a performance can have live that doesn’t translate to video.”

- Matt Cady


“Live performance is important to see because there’s a feeling that one feels that can never be repeated. It’s unique. It’s freedom”

- Carolina Cerisola


“Choreographers should get paid because…From stage to set, from dancers to camera, choreographers are those that bring a vision into a breathing, living, MOVING organism.”

- Ryan Spencer


“Live performance is important to see because it’s real, raw and authentic. There aren’t multiple takes to perfect the image you want the audience to see.”

- Rudy Abreu


“Choreographers should get paid because we create and preserve culture, our time and energy are precious and should be supported.”

- Kitty McNamee


“Choreographers should get paid because life isn’t free.”

- NO)ONE.ART House


“Choreographers should get paid because it is a profession that organize shows, which people PAY to see.”

- King Charles


“Choreographers should get paid because because we express what words cannot.”

- Nina McNeely


“Choreographers should get paid because we are innovators who make people think, feel, and open up something inside of people they may not know was there.”

- WeWolf


“Choreographers should get paid because it’s work.”

- Tracy Phillips

“Choreographers should get paid because…”

- gustavo Vargas